Demi Lovato reminds us the stories of black people killed by police in the United States

Demi wore in the Instagram so that you can stay on racism (Photo: Handout)

Lives of black women matter, and Demi Lovato he decided to talk about it in a different way. The singer has used her Instagram to remind you of the story of the 24 black people who had been murdered by the police in the United States during the past year. “Without a weapon. Dead.”she wrote in the caption to a picture that shows the pictures of all the victims of the tragedy.

In between the stories of the men and women who had been dead, the victim not only of the police but of the racial prejudice. Rt has reported in the cases, and the charge for justice in “blackslivematter”that means “the lives of the black mind”in the free translation.

The movement of antiracista has started to gain traction in the united states, Europe, and in Brazil, after the death of the George Floydthere is a week’s time. The black man, 46 years old, he was dead, asphyxiated by a white policeman, allegedly as a result of using a forged note for$ 20 to pay for a purchase.


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The event happened in Minneapolis, where hundreds of people took to the streets to call for justice. The protests have spread and have reached more than 140 u.s. cities, as well as in Europe.

In one of the most intense, in Washington, dc, the capital of the U.S., the president and vice president Donald Trump went so far as to hide out in the basement of the White House, fearing an invasion by the rioters. The protests have lasted for seven days.

In Brazil, the recent cases of killings of black people, as a young person Jean-Pierre14-year-old in Rio de Janeiro, were also the subject to gain recognition among all the artists on the social networks.

In addition to sharing the story of the victims of the violence to the police Rt it also joined the movement “BlackoutTuesday”created by the music industry to speak out against racism on Tuesday (02).

Also, on her Instagram, the pop star has shared an image of pure black, which is the symbol of the initiative.

Refer to the publications for the Rt!

To understand the “Blackout Tuesday”

In the face of the wave of protests antiracista in the United States, the major record labels, cross-platform streaming, and the artists have embraced the #BlackoutTuesday.

The movement was organized by Jamila Thomas and Brianna-Agyemangtwo black women in the music business who asked that the companies of the sector to be muted for a day to protest against racism.

In the silence, it would be a way to make the audience reflect on the recent events, and to support the aim of the practice is very much rooted in the society.

The membership of the movement is the big. A number of artists and companies, changed their profile pictures to the profiles and images come out all black. Was Eilish, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Lady Gagafor example, have closed down their web sites or e-stores in the form of a sit-in.

Among the companies, the Universal Music, Warner’s Record, Sony, Spotify, Apple’s Music, Deezer, Capitol Records and The Atlantichave embraced the cause, including the units in other countries, such as Brazil.