Disney releases first footage from the series in the space of a Leonardo DiCaprio


We all know Leonardo DiCaprio for his brilliant work as an actor, but for now, the star is also working on behind-the-scenes of a large project.

Disney+, launched a first-look at The Right Stuff, a lot of the drama is about an astronaut that is produced by DiCaprio’s.

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Designed for use with the National Geographic society, The Right Stuff, is adapted from the best-selling book by Tom Wolfe about the early days of the space program of the united states.

A series of eight episodes will follow the seven american astronauts in the heart of the space race between the united states and Russia.

The particular focus, however, is the intense rivalry between John Glenn (Patrick J. Adams) and Alan Shepherd (Jake McDorman), during the development of Project Mercury, NASA.

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From 1958 to 1963, Project Mercury was the first space flight and the human from the USA – their goal was to put a man in orbit around the Earth and return him safely, ideally before the russians.

The summary of the official in The Right Stuff, says: “At the height of the Cold War, in 1959, the Soviet Union-dominating the space race.

In order to combat a national feeling of fear and the decline of the U.S. government designs for the Project Mercury, NASA, setting fire to an area of the game.

For these individuals, it is well-known as the Mercury Seven, they are forged from the heroes long before they had reached in a single act of heroic.

Some of the best engineers in the country, estimates that it will need many decades to reach the outer space. They will receive a two-year-old.”

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There is still no date for the premiere, scheduled for The Right Stuff.