Evan Peters is criticized after sharing the video and supporting the police violence at the protests in the us


The manifestations of racism are gaining more and more momentum in the U.S., and inspire people in a number of countries. It is not surprising then, that even a pandemic, of a coronavirus, thousands of people have risked the streets to fight for the rights of black people.

A lot of artists have joined the cause and are contributing in many different ways, be it directly or indirectly. Constantly see the posts of the celebrities are in support, however, and on Tuesday, November, 02, netizens were surprised with a post Evan Petersthe Mercury of the X-Men franchise, they’ve shared a video of support for the violence of the police against the demonstrators.

The first publication was made on Twitter of the actor, and caused a rebellion in his followers, who have harshly criticised. A lot of people complain about “not being able to mop up for him. This is why, in the name of the famous came to the subjects discussed this evening by the side of Emma Watson, who has also received criticism for having published the images within the movement of ‘Blackout Tuesday’ with a white edge, going in the opposite direction from the one proposed, that were the images come out all black.

In the video, shared by Evan, the “I can’t watch the raiders be attacked all day long!”, written by the person who posted it originally shocked just as much as the pictures. For the artist, for his part, defended himself from the accusations of being favourable to the international human rights instruments and the international criminal court. According to him, the publication of it was an accident, completely without the will, but the damage was already done. That being so, it was up to him to apologize for what had happened.

The actor has deleted the video and made a new post with: “I’m deeply upset to have received this video in my feed. I pray you, my sincere apologies if this offended anyone). I support the movement to #VidasNegrasImportam,” he wrote on his social networking site. He has also published an image of the whole of the black and adhere to the ‘Blackout Tuesday’, as well as other artists.

Here’s the Tweet: