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It is not the time to remain neutral. In the face of the horror of the murder of an american, George Floyd, by a white policeman in Minneapolis last week, in front of the camera, and under the protest of those who were near, movement, antirracistas, both physical and online, have exploded across the planet. This week, as it happened, the blackouttuesday, in addition to the in ‘ – black lives matter ” (in Portuguese), lives, dark matter), which has dominated the social network by calling their attention to the problem.

Since then, the nameless and the famous come to take the world of fashion, it was not out of it. Marc Jacobs, who had his shop in the Los Angeles area depredada in the middle of a rally, he gave a lesson on her Instagram: “A property can be rebuilt, a human life cannot.” Check out all the brands, which also came out in defence of the protests, antirracistas!

A giant in the sport has turned their iconic slogan, ‘Just Do It’ to ‘Don’t Do It. The commercial, posted on the social network, the company reaches out to encourage people to participate in the protest.

On Twitter, Adidas repostou a video from Nike, and he wrote: “Together, we go the extra mile. Together, we make the change.” On Instagram, the brand has also posted a picture and it sent me to “Take a stand. Things won’t change if we don’t change”.

The beauty brand, in addition to the support of the movement “Black Lives Matter, with posts on social networks, has announced that it will donate$ 500 thousand to organizations that fight against racial injustices, such as” Black Lives Matter, ” The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, The Equal Justice Initiative, The Marsha P. Johnson, the Institute, and We are The Protesters.

The brand just posted the pictures with the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ and a video of the singer, the activist of the black movement Keedron Career, only 12 years old, to show their support for the cause.

Louis Vuitton
In her official profile, the company has posted a video with the caption: “to Make the change. Working together towards peace.”

Virgil Abloh
The designer, who is an activist in the cause, had a chat straight from your social networks: “Let’s start with some facts and nuclear power plants. I am a black man. One black one red. The type as well as dark. A I went to a market in Chicago, I thought that I was going to die. The risk of death is the normal way of life, as if it was walking on tip-toe. When do I apply for a job, I’m afraid I don’t make it.”

The Italian brand has released an image of the artist Cleo Wade, “The world is going to say to you, the racism needs to end, starting with our family, ( … ). The world is going to tell you: there is so much hatred, so if you’re into love. If you love it so much that you will be able to love without barriers and without judgment”.

Marc Jacobs
The fashion designer has had one of its stores, depredadas during the event, but tried to make it very clear that that side is to this story.

They are also put together to combat racism: