George Band: after you admit the shame of not being aware of the event, Justin Bieber is a series of blog posts antirracismo

Justin Bieber’s been said, embarrassed for not paying attention to the protests, as he should have (Photo: Handout)

After playing basketball with friends over the course of one evening at the end of the week Justin Bieber he admitted in an interview with CNN, that he felt ashamed of himself for not paying attention to it George Floydthat has led the United States to a wave of protests antirracistas.

“I have a sense of shame, in the sense of why these men were dead, as I stretch out with a blanket over my eyes. How is it possible? I feel bad because of it.” revealed to the player in an interview with the commentator Angela Rye.


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After the interview, the canadian singer was more engaged with the cause, and has done for a number of publications to your profile on Instagram on this subject. We had eight in the next 24 hours.

One of the Bieber she cries out for justice. In another post, he says that it is not enough to be discreetly needs new types of partnerships, but if you declare one. Also, for Instagram, the pop icon took a position with other white friends, in the cause, and he has released a video of the pastor on the subject.

Justin Bieber it also has embraced the move #BlackoutTuesdaycreated by two women in black music in the United States, and called for a day of silence, of the company, in a protest against racism. On his Instagram, Bieber he shared an image of a black symbol in the struggle.

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To understand the “Blackout Tuesday”

In the face of the wave of protests antiracista in the United States, the major record labels, cross-platform streaming, and the artists have embraced the #BlackoutTuesday.

The movement was organized by Jamila Thomas and Brianna-Agyemangtwo black women in the music business who asked that the companies of the sector to be muted for a day to protest against racism.

In the silence, it would be a way to make the audience reflect on the recent events, and to support the aim of the practice is very much rooted in the society.

The membership of the movement is the big. A number of artists and companies, changed their profile pictures to the profiles and images come out all black. Was Eilish, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Lady Gagafor example, have closed down their web sites or e-stores in the form of a sit-in.

Among the companies, the Universal Music, Warner’s Record, Sony, Spotify, Apple’s Music, Deezer, Capitol Records and The Atlantichave embraced the cause, including the units in other countries, such as Brazil.