Halsey reveals that he was beaten during a protest in the us


The Singer Halsey (Photo:Handout)
The Singer Halsey (Photo:Handout)

The singer Halsey he revealed in a series of postings on Twitter last Sunday (the 31st), which has been shot with a rubber bullet during the protests the anti-racistin the united states.

“I haven’t been caught. I am doing well. I had to get to a safe place, ( … ). I and my colleagues have been shot + gassed, and antagonizados. The front line was quiet and did not cause. But many are not safe and are in custody,” initiated by the artist.

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Halsey said that he lived close to the police violence that took place in December. The artist has commented that, even for a signal to be peaceful in the place, they were greeted with gunfire.

“[A polícia] fired rubber bullets on us. We don’t violate that line. All the hands were raised. The real estate property. And they gasearam and opened fire ”, posted in Halsey, with the pictures of the event.

The fact that the he was in Brazil last yearstill, he added: “I am struck by the layers of tissue, and for that I am extremely privileged. Up close, it would cause serious injury”.

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