Harry and Meghan – Contract security-the stars and they pay a small fortune for the day


Harry and Meghan they hired the services of a private security company that will charge you a 7 billion-pound ( the equivalent of around 7800 euros per day. A real fortune.

After the bees have sobrevoado at his home in Los Angeles, california, the the duke and duchess of Sussex increased the the security company that protects you with the stars in Hollywood, says the Sunday Mirror.

The company, GBDA, belongs to the Gavin de Becker the former chief security officer to the former us president Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), who has a history of all services provided such as Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna and the employer Jeff Bezosthe current richest man in the world.

“This is the largest security company in the Los Angeles area and is also one of the most respected. Harry and Meghan are such a reliable company In Becker. It’s not cheap, but if you want the best you have to pay for it,” said a source.

After moving to a new house, and the grandson of queen Elizabeth II, had made him install a fence around flat around the house to keep it safe from prying eyes. However, this was not enough, as several of the drones flying over your property for a couple of days ago. In addition to this, the house where Harry and Meghan are living with the child, Hefor a year , and it is right at the top of a hill, so everyone over there walks you can glimpse in the distance of some points in the interior of the house.

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