John Legend and Harry Styles, Katy Perry, and other artists to donate money to pay bail on Friday

As for the protests the anti-racist they continue to happen in the United States and around the world, celebrities are now taking up the bail of persons arrested in the the protest. The stars of the music you like John Legend, Katy Perry, Harry Styles and Sia they were just a few of those who have contributed financially to the funds for the release of the demonstrators arrested.

“I do things every day without any fear, because I am privileged. I am privileged, every day, because I’m white. Not to be racist, it is not enough. We have to be anti-racist. Social change is possible when a society moves. I solidarizo to all of those who are protesting,” he wrote to the formerOne Direction in a post on the Instagram.

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On the side of the woman, Chrissy TeigenJohn Legend and has committed$ 200 thousand to support the cause. Janelle Monáe and Kehlani donated amounts of money to the Minnesota-The Freedom Fund. Bon Iver, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ozzy Osbourne also, there were a few of those who helped with the fund of funds in the pro-torture.

On Tuesday it was the expressions on the internet. The movementThe Show Must Be PausedThe show has got to stop,” or, in free translation), which was introduced in the music industry, he left the feed from the Instagram-filled blog posts, only a black screen. The anonymous and famous people have joined in the campaign to support the fight against racism, which has spread the use of the hashtag #blackouttuesday in the network (out Tuesday”).

Protester holding up a sign with a picture of George's Career in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina Photo: Getty Images
Protester holding up a sign with a picture of George’s Career in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina Photo: Getty Images

“We want justice for the George Floyd. All of us bear witness to his assassination in the full light of day. We are through the floor and is disgusted. We can’t normalize, the pain. “I am not referring only to black people, whether you are, white, black, brown, or somewhere in between them, I’m sure you feel hopeless because of racism that takes hold of our country at this moment in time. No more deaths of human beings,” he protested Herin a video posted on social networks over the last week-end.

“I’ve had enough of seeing black people as less human. We can no longer pretend that we are not seeing it. We have seen these violent deaths happen, and many times without consequences. At this time, the person was arrested, but justice is far from being fulfilled,” he said.

‘Black Lives Matter’: ‘the Lives of the black mind,
‘Black Lives Matter’: ‘the Lives of the black mind, ” says a poster of a protester in Minneapolis, minnesota, where George was killed / Photo by Getty Images