Kim Kardashian launches line of masks is the Covid-19 — and sold it all in minutes, Small Business, Large Business


Kim Kardashian (Photo Reproduction In Instagram )

Kim Kardashian: socialite, already scored a hit with make-up and the games (Photo Reproduction in Instagram )

Kim Kardashian and others in business and socialites they are part of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, did not stop the launch of real estate projects with a success the sales. The star of the the reality tv show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” has already had the clothes, make-up, games, and even games for your mobile.

Right now, Kim Kardashian has launched a the masks against the Covid-19disease that is caused by the the new coronavirus. The products of the private label SKIMS were sold out in 30 minutes. Kim has confirmed the order of the inventory on the social network Twitter.

A mask is individually priced at$ 8 (about £ 45). The kit with four skins priced at$ 25, or about$ 143. There are five tones, under the names of sand, clay, sienna (reddish brown), cocoa powder, and some nice features. Here’s how they are in the skins.

The comments on social media are mixed: some praised the skins and their leader, Kim. Others say that they are a business, and advantage you are taking advantage of referred to as for the bill, and require that the money raised is to be donated.

On the american site Business Insider it states that the SKIMS has donated 10-thousand-masks, and an additional$ 1 million to the charities with which we partner. The masks of the SKIMS are, as well as a good part of the initiatives of the Kardashian-Jenner: the controversial-and lucrative –.