Poor thing! Selena Gomez has had a “crisis of panic,” before her performance at the “LOVE of 2019 at the latest,” says People magazine: “It was lost”


Oh, what a pity, people… this past Sunday night (may 25), we see the triumphant return of Selena Gomez on the American Music Awards, 2019”. However, the very moment he passed away it was a bed of roses… it is the People, shortly before the opening of the award show, she was very much looking forward to his performance, and he suffered a crisis of fear.

While the goddess was on their influential album, “Lose You To Love Me” and “Look At Her Now, some of them felt that it did not seem to be at their full potential, and that you now have an explanation. “It’s definitely had a panic attack. It was a nervous wreak. She has not been on stage for two years, and these are the songs that are important to her career. She really, really wanted to give her the best”told a source close to the star.

Selena Gomez at the American Music Awards, 2019” (Photo: Getty images)

To make matters worse, all of this could have happened, based on the Time-H. “It was at the last minute.”said the insider. As it turned out, as well as, the current crisis has sent shockwaves through the performance of muse on his show. “It’s made him lose it. She sounded better in rehearsals”confided the insider. Poor thing… Remember the concert of Selena in “the LOVE 2019”:

But she was able to work around the situation, wasn’t it? Although it may not have had his best night on stage, Yes still took the money. I could see that she liked very much by the side of her friends such as Taylor Swift. “She’s had a lot of fun later on with their friends and family, and I was in a good mood”adds the source.

Your own Better made that clear on her Instagram, displaying her gratitude for his comeback. “It’s great to be back. Thank you so much to all of my team and my fans that support me. All of this is for you, and it is because of you.”he expressed his appreciation. In fact, she raised even more in the mood for their second full-length album: “Excited for this chapter. #SG2”. Check it out:

That is beautiful!!! We like to look at it contentinha, right? And we can’t wait for more performances, and more and more shows, as torcemos for this concern, just go. Come check out more of the ruffles, which ran at the American Music Awards, 2019”, is available by clicking here.