Rihanna, Drake, and Britney Spears have joined the campaign BlackOutTuesday after the death of George the Band – In-Pop-Brazil


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Rihanna, Drake, and Britney Spears are among the celebrities who have signed on to the “The Blackout Tuesday“on the social media on Tuesday (02), a protest against racism following the terrible death of George’s Career.

Writers, artists, and other celebrities have pledged to take a break from social media to pay tribute to George London, who died after he was held for a total of nine minutes on the floor with the knee of a police officer with white on his neck.

The tragic death of George, the Band has sparked protests and anti-racism in the larger towns and cities of the United States of america.

Rihanna has shared a post on Instagram with the caption: “We are not selling shit! And we’re not buying you shit like that. Gang-gang up! #BlackOutTuesday as hell!

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Britney Spears has asked the question: “What the world needs now is love.” My heart is the part of my friends in the black community… And for everything that happens in our country. Right now, I think we should all do what we can: hear it, learn it, improve it… and use your voice for good. For a start, I will participate in the BlackOutTudsay… I won’t be posting it on social media, and I encourage you all to do the same. We should take the time away from our devices, so we focus on what we can do to make the world a better place… For everyone! Ps: If you would like to help…. to send a message to the text-to-55156, and donate to organizations such as the #BlacksLiveMatter, if you can. May god bless all of you!!! #TheShowMustBePause

Katy Perry has explained why she wanted to use it for your ownthe privilege“to raise awareness: “I’ve spent the last few days, watching, listening to, and reflecting on how to use my privilege and platform. I hope that the BlackutTuesday let us know what you all (especially the music industry) as an opportunity to take advantage of what we have learnt and put it into action on Wednesday and all the days to come. There are so many ways you can support the movement towards justice and equality. I have decided to donate to organizations that are marked in this post. You can do the same thing in the link in my bio. I will be a mother soon, and I’m going to work hard to make sure that it is a right for all children. #BlackLivesMatter“.

Drake, Mariah Carey, Alexandra Burke, Diddy, Jamie Fox, Ariana Grande and DJ Khaled are among those that shared their posts and to adhere to the movement, #BlackoutTuesday.

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