Scarlett Johansson rejects the theories of the fans of the Black Widow – Present


Scarlett Johansson has enjoyed a presence in the “talk show” with Jimmy Fallon to put an end to the conspiracy theories surrounding what happened to the Black Widow in “the Avengers: Endgame”.


Six months after its debut, there are still fans that do not comply with the death of a character, and even that of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr).

“There are just a few of the things that are true, but the fact that death is the great certainty, is that right? There can be no doubt,” he said.

“And people just don’t want to do… you definitely will not believe it, and tried to convince myself that my character doesn’t actually die, but it might […] it existed in a parallel universe. But I think that death is something final,” he stressed.

In the words of the actress is connected with the other statements that he made in July, when he said, ” the movie about the Black Widow, is a prequel that will hit theaters in the spring of the year 2020, it is not worth a sorrow to his “death” in the Universe, Cinematic, Marvel, in what has become the biggest hit at the domestic box office, worldwide.

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