Taylor Swift – Biography and facts you did not know about the singer

Taylor Swift is one of the greatest singers in the world, and has millions of fans all over the world. In this regard, it is expected that for a true fan, you know everything about your idol. For this reason, we’ve put together some fun facts that you probably did not know about Taylor.

It should be noted that, the singer also announced this week that it will make a show in São Paulo, in July, in the year 2020. So, it is best to get ready for it as you’d expect.

And, to this end, there is nothing better than getting to know a little more about the life of the Swift. So, below is a list of facts, and the facts that she has stated in several interviews. And after that, you can in fact, be considered to be a big fan of the book.

Interesting facts about Taylor Swift

1 – Who is Taylor?

Taylor Swift - the things that you probably did not know about the singer!
The observatory

Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989, in the city of Reading, Pennsylvania. Her zodiac sign is sagittarius, the archer, perhaps, for this reason, it is just as visionary, and you have come so far in the song. According to the singer, his name was chosen in homage to the singer James Taylor, who came to sing in the year 2011.

2 – the Childhood of the singer,

Taylor Swift - the things that you probably did not know about the singer!
The World

Basically, she has discovered her talent for writing when she won her first award for poetry for “the Monster in my closet”, in the 4th grade. He added that his favorite movies were Cinderella and The Lion King, both of the stories in the series.

Swift first learned to play the guitar at age 12 with a guy who was gonna fix his computer. For this reason, it is in your room, I was in charge of all the others in the house, so that you don’t wake up anyone in the ring early in the morning.

3 – Details about your teenage years

Taylor Swift - the things that you probably did not know about the singer!

In spite of her talent, that Taylor had as a teenager is normal. Suffered from bullying throughout high school, and in an attempt to cheer her up, and her mother had driven her to look for Opals in a shop window, so it felt better.

In high school, she used to distribute pepper spray to his friends to defend themselves when necessary. However, Taylor completed his studies at home. The first thing you did when you turned 18 years old, he was taking away her title of the election, still in his pajamas.

4 – the Family of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - the things that you probably did not know about the singer!

Taylor is the daughter of Andrea and Scott Swift. Unfortunately, his mother was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2015, this is a music-Lover, his new album is dedicated to the fight against the disease.

Austin Swift (her brother is an actor and a photographer. Thus, he has participated in films such as Invasion of Privacy, and The Law of the Night. In addition to this, you’ve taken a lot of photos for the tour of your sister’s.

Basically, all of the artists in the family, don’t stop there, Taylor is the daughter of Marjorie Finlay, a well-known opera singer who started up the tv, and Puerto Rico. Even his wedding was the inspiration for the romance of Swift.

5 – Your pets and animals

Taylor Swift - the things that you probably did not know about the singer!
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Taylor Swift is in love with pets, and have had several throughout her life. In this way, the first of which was a hermit crab, including the singer lost it on one of her vacations at the beach, and then had to go back to the house. However, when I returned to the spot, she found him still alive.

She also has a horse, so-called O-T, which means the Cinnamon Twist. And then, it’s a pug called Nelly, in honour of the rapper, with whom she has shared the stage many years later.

It is worth noting that currently the Swift has the third animal, the more rich of the world, and her cat, Olivia. This is because, when you engage in a commercial, it had a turnover of US$ 97 million, which is equivalent to$ 365 million.

6 – Details of your career

Taylor Swift - the things that you probably did not know about the singer!
Movies and Music

Taylor Swift was the singer’s latest with the signing of a contract with Sony Music. But soon, it broke because the record company wanted her to wait longer before starting the race.

His first song was called Lucky you, written at the age of 12 years old. Then, he wrote for Tim McGraw in a math class. Love this game, however, it took only 20 minutes out of your day to write, on the floor of his room. Already, the song is Everthing Has Changed, which she recorded with Ed Sheeran, has made a trampoline out of your yard.

The song Tied Together With a Smile that was made for one of his friends that he was suffering from Anorexia nervosa. I’d Lie, it was dedicated to the son of his English teacher, with whom he was in love with him. This in turn led to the singer to present the song in the talent show at the school.

Her album, Speak Now, was replaced because, initially, the title was Enchanted. However, the name that was chosen represented the best proposal for each of the music you have recorded.

7 – your Hobbies, and want the strange to the singer

Taylor Swift - the things that you probably did not know about the singer!
Viral QS

According to Swift, one of his biggest hobbies is cooking,,, and have you ever thought of writing a book about their culinary experiences. Already, he said, also, that he loves to read about medical issues with strangers.

In addition to this, she is obsessed with cats, small children and shiny objects. Well, you already said that you can’t live without black eyeliner in her eyes and the glass of grape juice in the fridge.

8 – favorite Tv shows

Taylor Swift - the things that you probably did not know about the singer!

Taylor has confirmed to be a fan of the series, CSI, Law & Order, and Grey’s Anatomy, which has already delivered a song for White Horse, in one of his episodes. However, her favorite tv shows are the Food Network and HGTV, as: Barefoot, and Fixer Upper. Also, you already said that you watch the Dateline with no breaks.

However, his favourite movie is Love actually, because it has joined in a phrase, ” If you look around, love is everywhere,” as a philosophy of life.

9 the – Friends-of-Taylor-Swift –

Taylor Swift - the things that you probably did not know about the singer!
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Emma Stone is, in fact, it’s one of the best friends of Taylor Swift. In this sense, it is the singer’s account, which was from Germany to New York, only to be in support of the actress, in an event that is important to you. However, when Swift thinks Selena Gomez as a woman, that is old news, since the two always appear together.

However, Abigail Anderson, is a friend of the most ancient of Times, the two came to know each other and are together since high school. Also, the singer has said that one of his favorite occupations in the teenage years was to stay in the room of a Young, eating cookies and imitating the voice of the character in Napoleon Dynamite.

10 – Past-relationships-of-Swift –

Taylor Swift - the things that you probably did not know about the singer!

The Telegraph

Who doesn’t like a couple of Taylor’s and Jonah’s? As it is, the young people were talking about it, especially since the singer has stated in an interview that in the end it was by telephone, and lasted just 27 seconds. Then, a couple of Taylor’s and Taylor Lautner, also with the fans, but the lovebirds were not together for a few months now, and in the end we took the song Back To December.

Harry Styles is a part of the list, even we also had a gift of that brief relationship. The song ” I Knew You Were Trouble was written by Swift and appears on the mtv’s Video Music Awards in 2013, soon after the closing date. So Calvin Harris has brought to the fans, in the hope that it was, in fact, the Prince of Times, but that was not the case.

Currently, the Swift is dating british actor Joe, Alwyn, and there are rumors and speculations that the two are engaged, though nothing has been made official.

11 – The home of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - the things that you probably did not know about the singer!

Currently, she lives in a one bedroom apartment, which makes it possible to view 75% of the city of los angeles. In this regard, after the purchase, the Swift and the call upon to the full. Even their furniture has been bought from antique shops in the city, and for the sake of the business, Taylor has painted every cabinet in your house, in a different color. Its a convenient favorite in the kitchen.

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