After the protest, a friend of Harry Styles fire sting up against Kendall Jenner

After the protest, a friend-of-Harry-Styles fire sting up against Kendall Jenner, and is reminiscent of the controversial commercial with the model and understand the nature of the case!

Vixe! On Tuesday (02) in West Hollywood, and Harry Styles, it was a protest against racism and the protests of the movement “Black Lives Matter” following the death of George’s Career. However, at the time, and her friends have been confused by fans with Kendall Jenner – the ex-girlfriend of the star. Hoje (03), and one of them decided to play in it… and it turned a shade of those in the future!

The photos, disseminated through the social networks, it is possible to see, Harry stepped to the side of the girls that had a body type similar to the one in Kendall. But none of them were the members of the Kardashians-Jenners! Amy Marietta, who was with him, they rejected the theory of the fans, and to let go of a sting to miss. “For those of you wanting to know if any of the nodes is Defined, it is not. She wasn’t at the protest, she was looking for in a Watch” shot at a friend of Styles.

Amy made a reference to a controversial commercial for the soda written by barry Jenner. In it, the supermodel appears to parade her beauty in front of … In the middle of the vindication of rights, and if you bring peace and joy between the protesters and the authorities is Defined when you surrender your cans to one of the police officers. Here’s a look at the ad below:

In consequence, the advertisement has generated a lot of criticism, due to the size to distance from reality. In the fall of 2017, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, Kendall, she had to discuss the matter. “If you don’t think that this would be the outcome, I would never have done anything of the sort. But you don’t know, as long as you are living in at the time. I just felt I was a ” p*ta, a stupid. The fact that I will offend or Manchuria other people, it definitely wasn’t the intent.” she said at the time. Take a look at it:

Back to Harry and his friends, and Marietta gave more details of the protest of the artist’s work. “For all of you wondering if we’re right, we did! Thank you for your concern. It was a peaceful protest. Just make sure to get out before the curfew, don’t break any laws, and you should be fine. However, protesting is not for everyone, and it’s all good! Help us by donating and sharing the useful information on the internet.” she wrote, for Instagram.

In social media, Jenner has also manifested itself by encouraging people to study the matter. “I’m angry and hurt like so many of us. I’ve never understood, personally, the fear and the pain that the black community must go on a daily basis, but I do know that no-one should live in constant fear” he stated, reiterating his support for the motion, “the Lives of Black Matter.

“I recognize my privilege, and white, and I promise you that I will continue to educate myself on how I can help you he said. Kendall also cites the brutal murder of the Band: “May he rest in peace, George, Floyd, and all of the victims of the injustice, the terrible.