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A lot of people are using the protests to the Black Lives Matter to make fun of the star Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner. The model debuted in a commercial for the Super Bowl in the fall of 2017, for a brand of soft drink. The aim was to present the brand as a symbol of the peace between the protesters and the police in the act.

In the ad, Jenner stopped for a photo-shoot to be part of a crowd of people who were protesting in the streets. She came out of the year, to deliver a can of Pepsi, one of the police officers. As a police officer, he took a small sip, Jenner turned to the protesters, while they all cheered, implying that the sign of the Effects resolve, the tension between the protesters and the police.

The commercial has been criticized on social networks, through the use of advocacy, for-profit corporations. The reaction to the emotional Effects of criticism, it was presented at the opening of the season and the 14th of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She said with tears in her eyes, “I felt like I was so stupid… and The fact that I was going to offend other people or hurt other people, it definitely wasn’t my intention to do so.”

The New York Post noticed this week that many of the protesters reminded him of the business, while they were protesting, and they tried to mimic the Effects by delivering a can of soda, to the police. According to the newspaper, the first time you logged in social networks was carried out by the comedian in Everett Byram, during a protest in Los Angeles on the 2nd of June.

The comedian, came up to a policeman and said: “Hey, you guys, I’m a Kardashian over here, hey, look, it’s a soda, you want a soda? It’s here!”. The officer responds by saying that it is grateful, but asks for Byram to move away from. Byram says, “but it helped him in the business, and the police respond by saying they don’t drink soda. Up to the time of this writing. After the initial joke, of Byram, and the act was repeated by the others.

Jenner did not respond to a request for comment The Post. In the meantime, the model has released a long statement on Instagram in response to the protests of the Black Lives Matter. She explained that her heart is still heavy, and she could never understand what black people go through. It has encouraged its followers to seek information and take action the actual out-of-social-media.