Emma Watson Has A Long Rant About Racism On The Web


After the death of George Band, who was killed by a white policeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, and the protests anti-racism has grown up in the world.

On the last Tuesday (2), and different celebrities have joined the campaign for the Blackout Tuesday, which was to share an image of the black in the social networks as a form of protest.

Emma Watson also joined in the movement, but it has been criticized by some fans, who claimed that she could then use the su’s influence in a better way.

In to your account on Instagram, the eternal Hermione Granger has responded to the criticism from the fans.

“There’s a lot of racism in our past and in our present, which is not being acknowledged or accounted for. White supremacy is a system of hierarchy and dominance, exploitation, and oppression, and which is sewn to the inside of the company,” he started it.

In addition to this, the actress commented that it is a constant learning process.

“As a white person, I have benefited from this system. While we feel individual, we have been fighting against racism, we have to work hard to actively stop it with the racism, both institutional and structural-that are all around us. I am still learning the many ways in which, unconsciously, they ask me to support and advocate for a system that is basically racist,” she said.


Dating, Emma Watson is getting serious

In the novel, Emma Watson, the entrepreneur, southern California, USA, to Leo Alexander Robinton finally, it is to be serious, and six months later, the couple is seen kissing each other.

The actress of the Harry Potter series, the 30-year-old being photographed in a passionate embrace with Leo, after a visit together to the bakery, as well as His own, in London, in October last year, the identity of his partner is unknown at the time.

But now, a source told the Daily Mail Online, what are the things that are right in between Emma’s and her boyfriend, and that she has shared with her parents.

“Emma, presented it to Leo to her parents, she is taking this very seriously,” the source said. “They have a dinner together in December, at the restaurant, The Ivy, St John’s Wood, and Emma and Leo get to know each other,” he said.

Also, you say that Leo and Alexander turned away from the social network after photos of him with Emma, they appear for the first time in the month of October, in an effort to ‘protect their relationship. However, her younger sister Daisy Robinton’s still on Instagram and is following well-received.

When asked about the rumors of the novel, the voice of Emma, he said, “I am afraid that I do not comment on speculation about the private lives of my clients,” he explained.

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