Tayler Holder for a date? Bryce Hall, feeding the rumors of a relationship between TikToker model

As for the rumors of a relationship between the Bryce Hall and Addison Rae they are re-emerging, it seems that there is a possible couple in the area.

The relationship of the TikToker Tyler Holder was always something of a mystery. Even though there have been rumors throughout his career, this seems to be the more specific, considering that Bryce spoke on the subject.

After numerous appearances together, the internet has started to raise rumors of a possible relationship between the What and the model In The Summer, Ray.


She hates me.😂 @sommerray

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Even though no-one has yet confirmed it fully to all the rumors, things are starting to get more and more clear.

While Bryce was talking to her fans, during a live at the TikTok, and he was asked if it is Tayler, and in the Summer they were dating and his response was quite interesting:

In spite of what Bryce said during the live broadcast, as he later tweeted that shippava Tayler, and Kelianne Stankus another famous TikToker with whom the Holder has recorded a number of things.

It certainly looks like Tayler, and This is getting, given how close they seem to have their recent posts on social networks, and Bryce, saying that the two are “kissing each other”, but it will be coming in a serious relationship for you?