Halsey Struck By Rubber Bullets During A Protest Anti-racism In Los Angeles

Credit: Getty Images

Halsey had used their social network, this Sunday (the 31st), in order to criticize the attitude of the authorities during the protests against racism in the Los Angeles area. The protests have taken over several cities in the U.S. after the death of George Floyd, a black man who died, suffocated by the hands of a white policeman called Derek Chauvin.

The singer, who took part in the protest on Saturday (30), it was reported that the police fired rubber bullets at the demonstrators and that he was struck twice by the gunfire. “They fired on us. We are not behind us in the line. We were in with a show of hands. real estate. And they threw in and on the intoxicated,” she wrote on her Twitter account.

“They shot several more times. I have been hit twice. First, from the bullets and by shrapnel. We have been hit by the gas [lacrimogênio] continuously for hours,” tweeted the singer, on this time, in his Stories, from Instagram.

“I am struck by the layers of fabric, and because of that, I am extremely privileged. A short distance away, it would have caused a serious injury,” she added. “They shot them in the faces of the people during the demonstrations, the times are peaceful. If you are my follower, who is out of it, but you are angry because I have a bruise without having done anything illegal, then let’s assume that you’re on our side. Because that’s the reality of what happens to black people every day, it’s worse than my wounds. So, if you get involved. Sign up [a petição]. A Doe’s. Please share the links. To do something else.”

A little while later, the singer also told fans that she was safe and that he had not been arrested along with other protesters. “I want you to know that I was safe because it was out of control. But I’m not going to update the personal information! I’m just going to document it and post it in my journal, about to protest. Hundreds of thousands of you have testified that they fired on us without being provoked. To be safe and secure.”