Scarlett Johansson leads the list of the actress the best paid in 2019


Scarlett Johansson leads the list of the actress the best paid in 2019, but the difference is in the first place, the male is still a great deal; here’s the ranking in full

In addition to being a heroine, the incredible, Black Widow is still super lucrative, and it was one of the reasons why to Scarlett Johansson to stay on the top of the list of the actresses better paid according to Forbes magazine, for the second year in a row!

Scarlett had a turnover of 56 million us dollars (about 230 million) in the last year, mainly due to the large cheque from some of the 35 million who went on to win the “Upcoming Deadline”, and for the payment of several million for the movie, land of the “Black Widow”.

In spite of the high numbers, to the profit of the show is still far from the amount awarded for the highest-paid actor in 2019, Dwayne Johnson, and that it had a turnover of 89.4 million us dollars (360 million dollars). List of actors and actresses together and Scarlett would be in eighth place, just behind Chris Hemsworth (76,4 million), Robert Downey, Jr (66 million dollars), Akshay Kumar (65 million dollars), Jackie Chan (58 million usd), Bradley Cooper (us $ 57 million) and Adam Sandler (us $ 57 million).

Also on the list of female 2019 at the latest, we have Sofia Vergara, star of “Modern Family” in the second place, with a net income of 44.1 million of the us $ 182 million) in 2019. Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman will come up with a 35, and $ 34 million to $ 140, and 144 million), respectively, probably due to his performances in “Big Little Lies”.

Scarlet Johansson, Sofia Vergara, and Reese Witherspoon is the actress the most is ben-paid for by 2019 (Photo: Getty Images)

Elisabeth Moss and Margot Robbie went for the first time on the list, in seventh and eighth places. Taken together, the top ten photos reviews generated total revenue of 314,6 million us dollars (1.3 billion reais) from 1 June 2018 1 June 2019 at the latest. According to Forbes, the value that is 69% larger than the total of last year, but there is still a lot less than the full value of the men-of-588,3 million us dollars (about 2.4 billion dollars).

See the full list of the actress the best paid in 2019:

1) Scarlett Johansson ($230 million)
2) Sofia Vergara ( $182 million)
3) Reese Witherspoon ($144 million)
4) Nicole Kidman ($140 million)
5) Jennifer Aniston ($115 million)
6) Kaley Cuoco ($103 million)
7) Elisabeth Moss ( $99 million)
8) Margot Robbie ($97 million)
9) Charlize Theron ($95 million)
10) Ellen Pompeo ($90.7 million)