Katy Perry, for rent studio mobile for to carry out the filming in the house

She is in the studio to her. Anxious to maintain the high level of its productions, audio-visual material, Katy Perry revealed to you how you want to work on your next video. In an interview with the BBC, the british, the singer has said that he rented the studio to shoot a mobile, so make your own recordings without having to go out of the house at that moment, so delicate.

“I’m bored, you’re bored of me at home. Then I had the idea to rent out a studio and bring it to my house. It is not so great as that of the Fox or the Paramount. But they also have scaled-down versions here in the Los Angeles area. So now that I’ve put together a team that is creative, I love it.”said Katy.

In the same interview, the interpreter of the “Roar” also, she said that she loves the song “Watermelon Sugar” and “Light Up” the Harry Styles. “I love it. I met him on a flight, and it was a lot of fun. It was some time before I announce my pregnancy and we were talking and I told him, ‘I’m pregnant’. He was so excited, it was funny, because after that, he gave up his place to stay.”

I have already shown you that it is not to joke when it comes to movies. The performance of the single “Daisies,” for instance, is a testament to how the singer sought to innovate on its products in the period of a pandemic, by using virtual and augmented reality.

I never thought I would do something so simple as a paper clip, and I don’t know if I’ll do it again some dayit, ” said the voice on the video “Daisies”that was written on the front of his home in Santa Barbara.

The next single, the tour, the launch of the ‘KP5’, and pregnancy

“Daisies” this is the lead single from the fifth studio album, still without title announced. Scheduled for the day As of August 14,,, I still need to disclose any new prior in the to be to come. One of the bets for the next single is the track “Smile (I’m Grateful)”in partnership with the new york rapper Diddy which was recorded this past week at the ASCAP – the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

The launch of the “KP5”as is known, the new album by fans of the singer, Perry said that the drive to bring the messages of resilience, perseverance, inspiration and hope.

It’s an album about resilience and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been composing over the last two years, and in the beginning it was very difficult. I was feeling hopeless, depressed, and struggling against the darkness. I felt as if my soul was writing this song, taking charge, and being a singer-songwriter spirit.

I also said in an interview recently that he planned to go on tour already this coming year, but california is having to revise his plans due to the pandemic. In addition to this, the singer said that it might work on another album later this year. “When I’m with my daughter, I’ll probably make a new album with music inspired by that feeling.”he said in an interview.

While doing so, I follow in the last trimester of pregnancy. The babycat – a nickname given affectionately by fans as the daughter of a singer – must be born between the months of July and August, it would have been with the album?).