Kim Kardashian for doing a podcast on Spotify; it’s going to focus on the criminal law


Music service Spotify and audio content of the broadcast, the reality TELEVISION star Kim Kardashian-West in a podcast with the deal. Kardashian appeared to be focused on the series of podcasts that I would like to make to the criminal law.

To quote Business Insider, the spokesman, under the agreement with DC and Warner Bros., they made a deal with the Kardashians after it has had the effect of doping on the stock. With a 15% increase in the price of the stock $ 229, starting with a record of all the times it went out of business.

The ‘Kardashian West’ will focus on the criminal law-podcasting. Ansal, a television producer, Lori Rothschild, was a famous and Kim Kardashian will both be on the program, producers will be able to help him. The deal between Spotify, Images of more than us $ 100 million-a figure that is estimated to be.

The first topic on the program, it was the first time that Ansaldi, Kevin, Keith, le. Keith, who was sentenced in 1994 to three counts of murder, although he was not the shooter goes on to claim that, for years to come. Kim Kardashian is currently doing an internship at a law firm in san Francisco, and from 2018, and is planning to attend the California Bar Association.

It to work on a deal with DC, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Joker and Harley Quinn the DC Universe’s most famous characters, as well as the rights to the intellectual property of the purchase.

Both of these companies about the details of the deal, I have to comment on.



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