Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian posed together with a transparent embroidered dresses with rhinestones


Between the women, the most loved and the most beautiful on the planet, it is unusual to see Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Both stars, who have already worked together in some shopping TV, cuerpazos, which envidiados a lot.

Who your television program and its line of makeup and skin care, and Jennifer, with its success at the box office, sold millions of records and their role is of interest, amassed huge fortunes, who have positioned themselves as the giants of the industry is dominated by male.

Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian posed together

One day the world trembled when the red carpet looks Met Gala, Jennifer and Kim posed together wearing such outfits: dresses, transparent full of crystals and precious stones.

Jennifer Lopez faced with red fire, her dress has become every curve of his big body, leaving cover only part of the required crystals and some crystals. Who for his part, wore a figure like J. Lo, I chose white, which became his tanned skin.

Known for its huge ago of these outfits in lucieron a hundred percent, leaving it completely clear that there is no one like them in Hollywood. Jennifer is known to be a fan, fitness centre, while those Who are training at home, and thus keeps its shape.

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