Overall goal the overall concert, Cagdas Ertuna


Co-ordinated the process for a pandemic, Lady Gaga, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel offered to you by one world: together in the house” (“a world together, in the house,” a TV show from a major company for $ 35 million in donations has been collected.

Coronavirus outbreak in health care workers, and to support you in your search.

Today, the Live Aid concert was supposed to be the rally all of us, we had hoped for, but at the time it was a complete disappointment.

Because of the dozens of celebrities in their beautiful houses, the most depressing song in The Voice is to be preferred.

While most of our favorite musicians, with a sad nostalgia for the old songs, the Key was in shades of nude, in fact, we have seen how common it is.

Extremely educational for Live Aid, a concert packed full of videos, and messages, for example, the energy, the entertainment was not the case.

In this way it would have been much more of a high-energy, and traceable so popular with celebrities, but he couldn’t do it, and it locks up on the screen, million to one chance he has gotten.

Global citizen and the international music and film stars, now under the leadership of the European Commission, Kovid-19-with the purpose of creating a fund to support the fight against it is gearing up for a new show.

‘The overall objective is: the future of the unit-The Overall aim of the concert is, as its name suggests, is to combine our strengths for the future.

On 27 June, which takes place on Saturday, the Online program is designed to assist those in need with the funds from the concert will be provided.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a concert hosted by the virtual Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Usher, Hall x, the character of Christine and the Queens, Coldplay, Shakira, and musicians such as Charlize Theron, Hugh Jackman, Antoni Borowski, Billy Porter, Chris Rock, David Beckham, Derrick Johnson, Diane Kruger, Forest Whitaker, Ken Jeong, Kerry Washington, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Olivia Colman, automotive, and Salma Hayek Pinault will be joined by names such as opal.

I would hope that a magazine that is more fun than a concert of Lady Gaga and you get a more co-ordinated fund to be set up.

Kolekta At Art Basel

He changed completely to digital in the last month of the calendar, the contemporary art scenario.

This week on global-to understand, a native speaker of the two major online art activity.

To 50 this year. years later, in the Basel edition of Art Basel’s preview of the online Rooms. 288 from 35 countries took part in the exhibition, online art gallery will continue until June 26.

The other big collectors to come together with the artists, a kind of a last base time that is platform is an online art degree exhibition, the creators of the files korekta new initiatives.

Artsy, like Korekta, more than 400 artists and more than 30 galleries and alternative art spaces, approximately 3500 of-the-art in the digital world www.kolekta.com.tr the address on the back end.

It provides an opportunity for young collectors, as it is for the young, the artists, the works of art at an affordable price.