With the arrival of summer Kaia Gerber rate is very strong, blond hair and we love


During his imprisonment, Kaia Gerber explained that the interest rate bronde hair, a shade of light brown, very flattering. However, on the model it seems that he caught the taste, so wash her hair and now looks blonde vanilla is much clearer we loved it and we have all the keys.

Again Eduardo SanchezMaison Eduardo Sánchez, he put his wisdom and good work professionally to give us the keys to this new color scheme, which I’m sure we will see a lot this year.

This blond with vanilla tips slightly more intense. Blonde very old, besides that perfectly emphasizes the forehead, that looks like a model. Cutting with a slight gradient and worked with a razor on the ends to create this effect, a blanket and lightness, which is further enhanced by the tons.

Without a doubt as well indicates that Eduardo is a radical change, and quite attractive especially considering their basis, “but you always have to consider the quality of the hair, because to make it lighter, like, say, aggression, important for hair and not all can handle. So now, more than ever, face in these months the sun, it is necessary to take special precautions and to bet on dual protection –protection for hair and hats and constant hydration in the form sérums, masks and oils, and the use of shampoos, conditioner or mask, purple pigments to avoid that the sound is in the direction of “yellow” and “green”.

Without a doubt, Kaia Gerber is very beautifulalthough Eduardo Sanchez, who I mentioned in a previous exchange a look that felt more inclined to another type of coloring on the model…

Great… very radical and needs to be change, that there was not good, but is in a more advantageous position, dark hair, with its classic shade of dark chocolate, as it contributes a lot to the skin tone and its features.