Best Instagram accounts with the lessons free of charge, for the body EFFECTS


The procedure was developed in order to take care of physical and mental health of people in prison, and assured that more than 40 thousand users, work out at the same time.

“As a result of these trainings, achievements, staying active and positive during these days,” assured the former “angel” Victoria’s Secret in one of his training sessions with live 54D.


Turn your room, your room, or any of the favorite places in your home, in your case and to learn choreography, song, HOT time, from different music genres: from pop and reggeaton hip-hop, afrodance and Latin rhythms.

Every one of his coaches, have the best vibrating and relationship, besides the fact that they are recognized by the professional dancers have shared the event with J Balvin, Maluma, Bad Bunny, Alejandro Fernandez, Yuri and Waist.

Although there are attractive options activity packs Zoom, @st4ge was also compariendo classes for freeLive via Instagram, so feel free to find them!

Barbara Regil

Because we sure don’t want nobody to remove smile and probably would like to have some abs of steel like this famous Mexican actress, why not continue fitness tips that gives us every day in Instagram?



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