Fans of Lionel Messi zamarrearon on Poppy Sanchez, San Lorenzo, for a comic about the “New paternidades”


Macarena Sanchez Jeanney, player of San Lorenzo, fustigada on Twitter. Credit: Twitter @Macasanchezj

On Sunday, football

Macarena Sanchez

published a cartoon on Father’s Day, which a lot of fans

Lionel Messi

. In


entails the message are equal, which proposes “to Rethink, to understand, to build and to hold

new paternidades

“. But the fans and Fleas believed that Sanchez “was at the height of” 10 Barcelona, and


ácidamente in the network.

The drawing consists of five figures, which reflect the different situations in which



new paternidades

“fairer” and “more equal”, “free”, “to support, to respect and learn from ellxs” and “to understand what the best gift they can give to be real.”

The cartoon, which was released by Sanchez

Comic “New Paternidades” this case @soymora that in his biography, Instagram is defined as “Dibujanta, militanta, ??????????, a feminist and a bachelor’s in communications”. Credit: Twitter @Macasanchezj

A series of drawings that are more controversial called Twitter was father tells his daughter that causes the ball under the arm”

Wow! You want to be the Messi!”, and she answered him: “One of Mak Sanchez, str.


“How are you going to put on the level of Messi? Jugás in local football over”, “ego compare with king Lionel, God” or “Jajajaj but Mac, no, honey, he wants to be with Mack Sanchez. While they want to be the Ogre Fabbiani before vos” was some sarcastic posts from users who believed that San Lorenzo wanted to put himself on the level of Messi.

Credit: Twitter

Critics have also dedicated a post Ivanov

National Institute of Youth

. With Dec it

Executive Director

named President of Alberto Fernandez. Under the orbit of the Ministry of Social Development.

Sanchez took the criticism with humor. When your name became a trend on Twitter has published a new EUL with reference to the original comic together words:

“I have to say things, re beautiful”


Macarena Sanchez

28 years old and hails from the city of Santa Fe. He currently lives in Buenos Aires, where, in addition to dedicate his career as a footballer is fighting feminism and the study of Social Work at the University in Buenos Aires. Before playing in a Cyclone, what did he do at the National University of Coastline, columns, a Loggia FC and UAI Urquiza.

In addition,



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