Justin Bieber responds to allegations of sexual exploitation in delight


Ansel Elgort, and Cole Sprouse is not only Hollywood stars, wrapped in a drama, for rape. We’ll tell you what I said Justin Bieber on the charges.

23 June 2020

Ansel Elgort not the last star was involved in a scandal, publicly sexual violence this week. Justin Bieber put on a similar problem, but the meeting with a fan in 2014. And to the question: Daniel, I use Twitter, showed that six years ago, after the presentation, a surprise singer in the bar, he invited her and her friends at the Four Seasons hotel in Texas. According to him, Justin took her into a separate room where he insulted her with words and acts of a sexual nature.

Daniel also noted that during the year, no one said he had a few therapy sessions to overcome this, and decided to reveal the facts after the accusations against others of Hollywood actors (Ansel Elgort, and Cole Sprouse). Although these tweets was removed, the screenshots are still circling on all sides.

Python Love Yourself replied in series tweets after consultation with his wife, friends and family using screenshotsnews and articles on the day and time in which it supposedly invented to protect themselves.

The canadian said that such topics are not taking them seriously and are not staying at the Four Seasons hotel you want, Daniel is told what to say on account of payment, which the singer shared on his account, the day he was placed on AirBnB with friends. In addition, indicated that went with the presentation, a surprise in a bar with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and confirmed that with the Manager, Four Seasons hotel, which was never there. “Every complaint of sexual violence should be taken very seriously, and so needed in my answer. However, this story was impossible, so I will work with Twitter and the authorities to take legal measures in this sphere”, – he said in conclusion tweet.

The reaction of their fans haters and followers in social networking have given him messages of support and thanked clarify the issue, while the other came negative comments and accused him to use his power and money to cover up their crimes and silence their victims. Do you think the past really?

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Valeria Viniegra

Valeria Viniegra