Karlie Kloss ” or how to convert the worst on the podium in one of life’s lessons


To think that parade fashion, one of the greatest of the great, all that happens is the result of improvisation is a real mistake. In Paris but also in new York, Milan or London, measures with millimeter precision, every detail: setting, front row, the soundtrack, and how not, model they try again and again, dressed in knee-high socks with ruffles, with looks who will look on the bridge, and while everyone thought, of course, can happen unexpectedly on a straight catapulten to success, or, conversely, to disaster.

Carly model existosa that not for work, fichada from the best brands at the outset of his career did not stop at the role of images sheds. I’m sure I saw his last image in the advertising campaign of the new fragrance Good Girl Sexy Pinkfrom Carolina Herrera fascinating.

But fashion is not all roses, a few of these experiences spoke bitterly Karlie Kloss. The model was told their followers by using videos on social networks, as it became one of the worst moments of his career on the podium in the life lesson.

Karlie Kloss. (EF)
Karlie Kloss. (EF)

In order to know the joke with Karlie Kloss we need to go back in time and ended up in a year 2009. We Paris the night before the big parade Alexander McQueen and despite the fact that the model has been tested a thousand times effectively and quickly dress that’s going to play defender on the podium, has nothing, of course, can walk with him through the corridor from beginning to end and lucirlo, he deserves it.

“I couldn’t sleep last night, was concerned, as if I could fall out on the podium more important to spoil the parade and so to destroy my career“she said to his fans. And fear in design that, in addition to genius, was the heavy weight gate. Red, with two connection print many volumes and from the same fabric that weighed only to look at him. Although it’s difficult to know is Karlie Kloss this parade McQueen.

Karlie Kloss
Karlie Kloss”, in the fashion show Alexander McQueen de Paris in 2009. (Getty)

“I’m very upset, because he will wear the dress is very very long, and not say that it was very long actually means that it was,” recall that Carly with an area of 1.88 m. “I approached Lee and asked I apologize in advance if fell the parade, very upset tropezarme, and if he did, I felt it,” said the model.

To that bright Alexander McQueen replied: “You wear the dress, the dress does not lead you to you.” In addition, the designer warned the model that, if he really believed that I fell, it became a stone moment for the history of fashion. “Cógelo and lánzalo”, he added.

The way it was. “I went on the bridge, when you walked a few steps, and was able to notice how under dress enredaba in my high heels. So I thought that now is the time to do this. I let my hands drawing on the thigh, but I held out my hand in the middle of the sidewalk, threw him to release it and shoes it threw on the floor. I felt alive, full of adrenaline, with pleasure, broke the rules,” said Karlie Kloss in this movie Instagram.

Later Alexander McQueen was this momentazo in new image advertising campaign. And with him, and fear and uncertainty, Karlie Kloss felt in previous parade turned into satisfaction and happiness, and, of course, so that the figure of the model revalorizase and in the scene his name, therefore, a real top model.



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