Stranger Things 4: the characters speak in a season more difficult


MADRID.- Fourth season in Stranger Things will come later than expected because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, that Netflix decided on a more tolerant expectations, starting a new short in which the characters clean the previous delivery.

“Season the largest and most complex” – suggest, Matt Ross Duffer, the creators and showrunners. By Gaten Matarazzo, “the development characters blossomed”. His character Dustin, and his friends, it is now “brave, helpful, not selfish.” As noted by Maya hawke, youth grew up with their audience. Children who started to look Stranger Things rose, as a series of subjects,” he adds.

Sandy run-off, he also stressed the variety of fiction, especially in terms of female characters. “Each season came a new girl. It was great to have so much female power in the set,” admits the actress. This trend is reflected due to the connection between your character and Millie Bobby brown. “They learn things to each other,” says brown.

David harbour was also involved in the video, which involved a few gentle words to the casting. “They are all real artists and working full-time to give the audience something exciting,” he says.


In addition to the new video, little is known about the fourth season. So that at least four new characters, but have not known their identity. Sources indicate that was cut two episodes, when the pandemic forced to postpone the shooting. “Shooting, it seems that will be launched in late June or July, but nothing is officially Stranger Things“he said the web What’s on Netflix.