The police already has “serious clues” about who committed the theft, the sexy TV journalist Italy


Diletta Leotta, journalist sports sexier Italy, and in Fig. digital platform DAZN has suffered a theft in his apartment in Milan. Actually happened on Saturday evening at his home, located on the ninth floor of the hotel, Corso Como, while she and her fiance, former dinner at the Restaurant near Piazza Garibaldi.

In fact, already working four divisions of the Italian police: the Carabinieri Corps, Guardia di Finanza, Polizía Statistics say, and the Direction of Antimafia Investigationsthose who already have-with the help of shooting a security camera – someone who has committed theft, they left as a prey, about 200 thousand euros. The police reported that has “images from the security cameras from theft”, what is already there “serious tennis” and that “in the near future” Yes, and scams that managed to get to division Corso Como, which is located on the ninth floor, about 30 meters, one window.

According to the newspaper Tuttosportthe thieves the state of the house Leotta, who was during lunch in a restaurant when the burglary occurred. “It was a terrible experience” she said, leading 28, in an interview in which the journalist tells Valerio Staffelli a bad surprise, which was Saturday night when I got home and realized that the thieves stole his safe, llevándosela with full content: jewelry (rings and several hours, among them several well-known brands-Rolex) and cash in the amount of 200 thousand euros.

Leading Italian Diletta Leotta was the victim of a millionaire theft in Milan. (Photo: AFP/Alberto your between pizzoli).

Leading Italian Diletta Leotta was the victim of a millionaire theft in Milan. (Photo: AFP/Alberto your between pizzoli).

Published “Striscia la Notizia”program TV-a satirical Italian Canale 5, Mediaset managed, appealed to Diletta, to betray the “fifth” Golden tapir”because it was a lot ironizado that she was the face of the journalist Dazn who facilitated the work of thieves, published in Instagram a few stories where geolocalizó in different places of Milan, confirming that it was not at home at night.

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The prize”Tapiro Gold’ it is a tradition in Italy. What gives the program “Channel 5” each year. Is not reward for merit positive results, and Vice versa. And give different shapes to ‘compensate’ one year of disappointment. In particular, MotoGP champion Valentino Ross has already received earlier.

“It was something horrible, I don’t want even my worst enemy. But, fortunately, the Tapir (passed earlier) let me go,” tried to joke, Diletta. And then refused the rumors of an imminent wedding in July with his boyfriend Daniele Frame “king “Toretto” Scardina, who is the professional Italian boxer, who was named the international IBF super Middleweight weight, starting in 2019 : “But when?”was his response, dry and hot.

“I am now very pleased that the championship will begin again I will begin to work, it couldn’t wait,” added he, Leotta.

Diletta Leotta is one of the most conductive known in Italy and also one of the faces of visible Calcium and the media specialist. On his account on Instagram where shared his professional and personal life no 6.6 million followers.

This is not the first time that in Italy is a novelty, since may of this year, leaked some photos of an intimate nature, which are displayed by showing her Breasts, and his tail, until jugueteba with spray, cream pasándolo her naked body. Everything about them was recorded in the phone, and many fans of Calcium, devoted to “show more times”. In addition, in 2017 will be viralizó video sex with partner that she is . In the presenter worked as a TV presenter in Catania, as the commentator of Serie A and made his first steps in journalism in Serie B Italian.

Spray to look better. Diletta Leotta is a ball before the match at the stadium

Spray to look better. Diletta Leotta is a ball before the match at the stadium “San Paolo” Napoli, where he flashed Diego Maradona. (Photo: AFP/Alberto your between pizzoli).

Some hackers infiltrated illegal on your phone and collected data needed in order to bring to light -in addition – video sex with his partner. Photos Diletta Nude stolen mobile phone and viralizadas after that, they returned to publication. “What happened is very serious. Phone mobile Diletta hacked and posted some pictures privadísimas years ago, and even a photo montage. Currently, shared by many people,” he told Sky Sports, channel, on which it worked earlier, journalist of Italian cuisine.