The star of ‘The Flash’ Grant Gustin was ‘it, instagram and angry’ over tweets former Director of the star


The season 6 Flash-finished with dizzying climax, giving fans a lot to think about until I get back to the show. But not long after the season ended, dropped another bomb, but this time the drama was for the stage.

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Sawyer was fired after insulting their records come to light

Hartley Sawyer, who played Ralph Dibney The Flash from season 4 to season 6, he was suddenly fired after there will be some offensive tweets of the actor, as detailed “Newsweek”.

In tweets a few years ago, he did our website, racially loaded, and jokes about sexual violence. Since then his Twitter has been deleted, but not before had damaged his career, reputation and relationships. It’s like the star (The Flash) Grant Gustin, said, news.

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Gustin admitted their true feelings, tweets, Sawyer

Topic: All the racist tweets Hartley Sawyer was “impressive” for coprotagonista “The Flash” Danielle Nicolet model

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the head of Eric Wallace wrote a statement in response to the social network Sawyer
our website, which was eventually closed their fate with the show. Director of the show
he wrote, in part:

This morning that many of you will know that Hartley Sawyer will not be back before 7. Season Of ” The Flash. In relation to their accounts in social networks, I have a broken heart and I went back mad. And point to a bigger problem in our country. Because currently, our country still holds and protects the oppression of constant, unconscious or not, that inspires and brutaliza people, black and brown that too often leads to death. Therefore, our country getting back on its feet again and shouts: “ENOUGH!” and take to the streets to bring about change active.

Eric Wallace via Twitter

Topic: ‘The Flash’ Stars Demand ‘Justice for George Floyd’ – Grant Gustin and What Stars are saying on social networks

Long Declaration, Wallace not only considers the release of Sawyer. EUL stresses the General state of unrest in the United States, as protesters seek justice for the citizens of blacks killed defenseless while they are in police custody.

In a statement, contributed to the movement Black Lives Matter and equality for all. Was coprotagonista Sawyer, Gustin, which interpreterpath Scarlet Speedster, shared the words of Wallace in Instagram and adds the following title that indicates his surprise, sadness and anger:


I don’t have much to add, because thought Eric expressed so bright and powerful.

I will say that I was surprised, very confused, and was angry when I saw the tweets. Words have meaning.

Grant Gustin via Instagram

Sawyer issued a public apology

On the topic: “stars “(The Flash)” react in Hartley Sawyer will be dismissed from the offending Records

The Flash, the character Sawyer, Ralph Dibney, began as a selfish,
character unpleasant moral compass is unstable. After the partnership with Barry and
Team Flash, turned into a reliable partner and dressed Central
Hero metahumano of the city known as the Man stretched.

Sawyer says he’s changed since then, who wrote inflammatory tweets years ago.
In a public apology to Instagram, he wrote: “I’m sorry, I’m ashamed, and I love it!.
for my ignorance in this mode. I want to be very clear: this does not reflect
what I think and who I am now.”
All apologies, Sawyer you can see below.

To see this publication in Instagram

My word, stop to be understood, with the intention of mood, was offensive and unacceptable. I am ashamed that they these horrible attempts to draw attention to this point. All this I’m sorry. This is not acceptable behavior. These were the words I threw at this moment, not thinking to understand the harm that my words can do, and now I did it today. Very sorry, embarrassed and disappointed me for my ignorance in this mode. I want to be very clear: this does not reflect what I think is that I am now. A few years ago, through friends and experience that helped me to open my eyes, I began my journey to become an adult, more responsible in terms of what I say, what I do, and more. Mostly I that journey in their own, and this is another way that I disappointed so much. I have other things to do. But, as I say now I did not removed the impact of my words, nor my responsibility for them. Sorry.

Publication jointly Hartley Sawyer (@hartleysawyer) 30 may 2020 11:59.m. PDT

Flash Seasons 1 6 is currently available on Netflix. The program is designed to return to its seventh season during the season of transmission 2020-2021.



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