“What is beauty broker?


Melinda Farina
Beauty broker, founder of Integrated Aesthetics Consulting Inc. and the Beauty Brokers Inc. Consultant and enterprising, a leader in the field of beauty and health in the United States. Melinda has appeared on CBS, ABC and NBC, The Early Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, FOX Business, FOX and more.
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What is beauty broker
It is the link between those who want to introduce changes in the physical and authors of changes.
Melinda has a list, carefully chosen from the best cosmetic surgeons and sends their customers in accordance with specific procedures that you need.
One beauty broker is a trainer for safe solutions in surgery

As he does everything?
His job is ” NOT to tell people what you THINK happened to them
His job is to educate patients on their path to ageing and to give them all possible solutions and aesthetic parameters that are appropriate for each patient.

View photos from 15 years to your current age with precision up to five years
It’s a thorough inspection of his health care regime skin, genetics, diet and daily habits.
Go check out what has changed over time and how.
Then evaluate how to fix it and who is BEST for specific areas that need to be addressed.
The fact that you know very well that this is what you need and it will match with your face and genetics, not to remain worse after the “arreglito”.

They want to see their patients?
Breasts: Emily Ratajkowski, Monica Bellucci, Denise Richards
Buttocks: J. Lo, Kylie Jenner
Finish: Cate Blanchett, Olivia, I Blame You, Amanda Seyfried
Lips: Scarlett Johansson, Angelina, Kim Kardashian
Eyes: Claire Forlani, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor
Hair: Kim Kardashian
Other: Men: brad pitt and Matthew McCounaghy, jaw, hair, John Stamos, eyebrows George Clooney, eyes and nose, Jared Leto, smile Ben Affleck.

10 beauty tips for Melinda
Fill Fillers, face lift, lift
I’m a man, frozen, not expensive, and only for you!
To stimulate the production of collagen
Peptides are needed to combat signs of aging.
The cream should
In the Thermal wáter is the main treatment. Cleanses the skin of metals
Retinol must be used all night!
Nothing dentist baking soda and water to these horrible stains on the teeth
Vegetables every day
Probiotic, probiotics, probiotics… every day.



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