11 known to Boxing fans

Long ago, gyms were filled women who boxean. Exercises in other times of violence, revealed himself as activity, perfect to relieve tension, at the same time gaining strength and improves physical condition. Therefore, it is very common to see famous stars of show business try to imitate to another level Joannie Pastrana, Miriam Wilson or Jennifer Miranda.

Image associated with Boxing Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid nose in women who are not engaged in professional Boxing, but also help popularice in the world. Even brand Reebok training in the American model. “That’s what makes me feel proud of myself. When I hear “that’s a nice shot,” I say to myself “Good!” Makes me feel good,” explained during a session with the sports brand.

Years of training adriana Lima

Supermodel adriana Lima is those who love winter sports gloves. After several years of training ochiska technique and balance, and although the fact that he likes the concept of struggle in life. “How many people do you know, Boxing is my preferred choice of exercise. What many people do not know that there was a fight, about 20 years, and during this time I found inspiration in the legendary players of the old school, as Muhammad Ali“he said about passion in a pit, which led him to collaborate with Puma to your line of sportswear, in the ring.

Another sport to the list of Elsa Pataky

A sport that is not practiced, Elsa Pataky, that does not exist. In the house of the Spanish and Chris Hemsworth to stay in shape, it is a way of life. The actress showed off on social networks and realizes that all the actions that have been proven to get into shape. Boxing had tone and determine your muscles, after the birth of three children.

Marta retreated to the fitness centre

Led March Addressed one of the most famous Spanish connected to the box. Likes to wear gloves and exams, training, physical. In social networks actress Velvet given a series of images, after a day in the fitness centre with a sport that improves the health of the cardiovascular system.

Edurne, Galina

Singer Edurne discovered Boxing late, but now I’m glad I took part in an advertising campaign that suggests that enters the bag. “It’s a sport, which was a surprise to me. With him charge of adrenaline, and invites me to desestresarme and relieve stress. In addition, you strengthens the whole body,” he acknowledged.

Lara Alvarez is also struggling

Presenter Lara Alvarez, and decided Boxing and martial arts and admitted that it benefits were both physical and mental. Wants to practice all kinds of sports, prior to each meeting Victims but with a punching bag more photos in social networks.

Pilar Rubio is not enough Boxing in my life

Pilar Rubio was tested in different modes: for sports, the collaboration in Anthillbut in the house of one of his favorite is Boxing. Actress, presenter and taught, as his passion for the sport of military and physical training. The box that works the whole body, was an obvious choice, though kick-boxing it seems that a priority for her.

Desire lamb, another popular tempered life

Miss Spain 2014, also knows that to hit the sack. Desire lamb is also one of many famous who do Boxing to keep in shape body and mind.

Karlie Kloos, another international star gloves

Karlie Kloss ” is one of the most famous in that time I saw the box. A model that combines several sports in his training, began to simulate combat Taylor Swift in the video ‘Bad Blood’ in which I saw that he was seriously prepared with gloves.

The Kardashian, also present in the ring

The Kardashian clan also has its own representative. Known associated with a few players, Khloé, who have decided to wear gloves. By the procedure burns up to 800 calories and a healthy lifestyle lost 18 pounds within a few months. Besides, it is known Floyd Mayweather.

Marta Hazas and its intention to intervene in Boxing

Other employee Paul Motorcycles was also in the ring. Marta Hazas chose this sport, perhaps the unanimous recommendations of his girlfriend Pilar Rubio, to try to keep the online training fits. “I started Boxing, worse, in one of those centers, which can be given only in a bag. And the truth is that I love, because to let go of the stress and how lessons of 45 minutes, I’m very stable,” admits another actress Velvet just a few months ago.