Adriana Quevedo announced that her mother with a gentle photo | Instagram | NNDC Trends


Adriana Quevedo, host of “Combined”, went to his Instagram account to alert his followers that became a mother for the first time.

The picture Panamericana television told a touching photo in which we see posing with her husband, Nahuel Fernando Lopez and her child. “Without words…I love you with all my heart…”, wrote instant messages, which still has more than 7 thousand “likes”.

In the comments, the audience of the show were not with the wishes, presents its new phase. “Congratulations, Adriana! What a great way to be together to make”, “Congratulations adriana”, “welcome to little brothers and sisters, many blessings, millions of congratulations”, “Their life will be running again today. God still blesses”, she had some messages they read.

Her husband Nahuel lópez also shared the news in his Instagram account with an emotional message, which told as lived experience.

“March 14, 2020 happiest day in our lives. It was all an amazing experience. To start @adrianaquevedosanchez was the madrasah, which d banco@dr.luisnoriegahoces with guests and talent gave us peace of mind and confidence in @clinicamontesur treat us like kings. And allowed me to live a unique experience that I recommend to all parents of the world for the first channel, the POPE KANGAROOS have 2 hours to hug the baby and not born well, in order to cleanse all, and give the first heat was beautiful…until.all for providing us such a nice energy because Santi has been a long struggle, and we always respect, support”, has written several leading Instagram.

In October 2019, adriana Quevedo announced that she was pregnant, after six years of effort. Leading stressed that waited impatiently for their child. “I am happy, I have three and a half months pregnant. Since I got married 6 years ago, I looked for mother and I spent several attempts have not yet succeeded”, I noticed for the first time.



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