All gymnasts the United States condemns violations of Nassar in documentary Netflix

The scandal of sexual abuse in the doctor Larry Nassar members of the national gymnastics USA (sentenced to 150 years in prison in anticipation of the new penalties) will return to the first screen at present from the new Netflix documentary ‘Athlete’.

The title of the documentary it is no coincidence, as it relates to the first player who has condemned sexual violence in Nassar, who remained in obscurity until revealed their identity: Maggie Nichols

Documentary, Director: Bonnie Cohen, and John Schenk, is also aimed at information, which you will find a hotel Indianapolis Star in 2016 from the beginning of the disclosure of the crimes committed in Nassar USA Gymnastics, including outrage boys size Simone working days (also a documentary) or Aly Raisman.

In addition, the testimony of Nichols, ‘Athlete’ also collects the testimonies of the victims with Nassar, wear hardness against Steve, penny and Ronda Faehn, the President and Vice-President of USA Gymnastics during this stage, not paying attention to what really happened on the training of athletes, on the face of the dark and hidden gymnastics USA.