Amelia Bonus in with Instagram to look more sexy… the leather leggings

If we are what you’d asked a few years ago, we would have openly declared that Leggings were exiled to the background of the Cabinet and will never be in fashion, but judging by the passion that the famous putting it back, yeah, it’s more than obvious that, Willy-nilly, Leggings have returned to first-line fashion. Yes, the pattern is very, especially in recent times stain clothes: the effect of the skin. Paula Instagram, Sara Carbonero, Paz VEGA and Nieves Alvarezand international organizations such as Olivia Palermo or Karlie Kloss, all say so, and Leggings of leather.

Now joined by Amelia Bono. Daughter Of Jose Bono, a strong supporter of all the trends that abound in the cosmos of fashion, do not hesitate, join this, and so it was with just look what core, turns out to be successful. Why before to see the outfit from Amelia Bonus we must emphasize that this type leggings-effect leather they are so powerful, that it is better to combine them into clothing, elementary, and additionally, we provide much task to mimic the style of parts of our wardrobe.

Here desgranamos for people Amelia Bono. American oversized color black Topshop (58,36 RUB), t-shirt, white, size XL Zara (12,95 €), some leggings-effect leather (this clothing star outfit) in Calzedonia (29,95 Euro), some running shoes, grey model Chuck Taylor All Star Converse (80 €) and shopper bag leather quilted Saint Laurent (1.790 RUB).

According To Amelia Bonus.
According To Amelia Bonus.

What is the result? Look in white and black consists of clothing and accessories-basic and essential, which I’m sure are waiting for you in the closet and that it perfect for wearing at any time from day to day and casual for, why not take it to work in one of those days where you will have a dress code in an informal setting.

In this photo, what Amelia Bonus added to your profile on Instagram accompanied by the phrase: “gave Me my favorite color, black”, and judging by the image, which, as a rule, us in social networks, is it true that daughter Jose Bono turned into a black ally and style for those days in which I do not really understand what to wear and better pull outfits came to their aid, as well as the fact that he left us as a source of inspiration, with their leggings-effect leather.