Billy Eilish removes all accounts that remain in Instagram


Billy Eilish ceased to follow all Instagram and then “share” the message about the alleged sexual harassment.

The singer, who has more than 64 million people, after it is published to your social profile at the moment, now, deleted all accounts still.

This week, fans noticed that the singer, laureate of the award “Grammy” was nobody on the platform. Currently their website shows that next, but no name is displayed when you may be talking about a potential accident.

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thank u oscars for having mee

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In any case, no known cause Eilish, not to see your post on your social profile.

Some fans have noticed, the publication that the young artist supposedly shared in its history, the Instagram, and then deleted all accounts that continues.

“If I’m following your offender went direct messages and will no longer follow. You support” is a phrase from a publication that fans celebrate as a reason to stop watching my accounts.

Although she had not yet uttered on this subject, idea why Billy stopped tracking all come under sexual failures, saying that everyone can be a criminal, and, importantly, not to support them.

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Meanwhile, the star is using his platform in Instagram to speak in support of the movement Black Lives Matter and encourage their fans serious pandemic coronavirus, even said to his disciples directly in the history of Instagram, “this is something really serious and that’s no joke.”

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Last month his team announced that want the rest of the tour was long delayed by the pandemic.

“As a precaution, was delayed all dates are in tour ii Billy. All dates will reprograman active”, – confirmed his team in the architecture. “As soon as the complete you want, Billy, I will divide the clock updated and all tickets will be duly implemented. Thank you for understanding. Be sure and quĆ©desne in the house.”

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ima keep my mind on my money & my time

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