Blac Chyna: Yes, it was his transformation after surgery to look like Kylie Jenner


Angela Renee White is Blac Chyna real name, ex mysterious partner, brother, sisters, Kardashians, Rob Kardashian. After the scandalous breakup, was estripper turned into a cruel enemy of the family when you start the claim about deprivation of the parental rights, his daughter and sued the clan for the alleged plot to end their reality show.

The photos that leaked on the social network in the past, he presented a real conversion of a former dancer of the night before you jump to glory and worked the clubs, worked in a beauty salon.

It’s nothing that the image of the past was natural, after several plastic surgeries all that was subjected to ex Rob Kardashian. Was a normal girl with curves medium curly hair and face without Botox or other changes in the product the scalpel.

Including ex-fiancee Rob however, what he found when he came to parts of the world Kardashianfull and wigs, extravangantes, which used to wear in the past.

Blac Chyna: Yes, it was the transformation after the surgery to look like Kim Kardashian In before and after Blac Chyna is impressive, with a radical change in her facial features. / Photo/Pinterest

In fact, this is cosmetics, began to be known in the world nonsense in their romantic relationships when she began her romance with rapper Tyga, with whom procreo first child and after a breakup with the singer moved in the sphere of the Kardashians, having learned from her brother, the famous socialités.

In the future, scandals with his younger brother Kim Kardashian and her complete transformation came as a real surprise. Watch before and after surgery what is practiced and with whom he wanted to achieve a resemblance to a wonderful person younger sister Kylie Jenner.

Before and after, Blac Chyna, impressive

In many cases, the model was questioned due to its weight, and it was one of the first achievements Blac Chyna, reduce its size and made it, then he was born a little Dream Renee, with the help of liposuction.

Was Rob himself that after the publication of intimate photos of China, acusándola with the infidels they can get their, said Fig. post the part that presumía was not breastfeeding, no life, a fitness club, but because of the surgery he paid almost 100 thousand dollars.

Months of their separation, surprised to stand in a night club with look very much in the style of Kylie Jennerhis main rival after to maintain a relationship for a few months, and her ex, artist Tyga. Thin in the waist and the dress is two pieces and shiny gemsthat combined with the green wig, she stopped to see him, to look like a member of the clan Kardashian.

Its exotic beauty, and her figure has surprised more than one the appearance of juicy os the same or greater share in the room, the wife of Kanye West or Kylie after to put the implant in the buttocks. His stomach was also small.

But the reality was different, before you put on the “dash” the model admits that it was made in a recent interview.

Model will worked chest for to increase their sizelarger than the ones I have in the past, of course.

His features are not the same. Blac Chyna, 31 years, underwent rhinoplasty which managed to reduce the size of the nasal pyramid, making it more small and profiled, like looks in real time on social networks-according to the portal Cirugí

And in addition, correction of the nose, your lips look very exaggeratedthank you Botox injections .

The American press also said that the famous star now looks lighter tone of the skin, desconociéndose if you have any treatment to explain in black. In this photo showed look amazing resemblance to Kylie Jenner.

To see the former estripper naturally, this is something unusual, excess makeup is a feature that looks at your official account in Instagram, but the possibility has surprised his supporters for posting photos is very simple.

At any time the paparazzi catch her on the streets of Los Angeles, was seen with a luxury car and, according to them, extravangantes between them long artificial nails, which usually look like now with crystals and triangular in shape.

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