Bow Wow responds to rumors that are going ‘to Grow Hip-Hop’

After leaving his statements at the beginning of this year, it seemed that Bow Wow was only the last few stars Growing Up Hip-Hop leave the show. The rapper gave an exhaustive answer in a recent interview, if you are really distributes the TV show ON.

Bow Wow | Mindy Small / FilmMagic

Bow Wow was in the news recently

Appears in the series insignia, Growing up Hip-Hop, as in his spin-off, “Growing up” Hip-Hop: Atlanta. In the main program, Bow Wow has been an important topic of conversation because his relationship with Angela Simmons. A couple of times, when an item for several years, but that didn’t stop fans wondering if they can be together again, especially since your actions and behavior in the program.

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Simmons went to gossip love triangle between her, Bow Wow, and their coprotagonista, Romeo Miller. She Told E! Online, “I know this man since I was 17 years old. Our stories are countless. I love him to death. – These are my people. Don’t know where we will finish, ” he shared. “We are friends. We are well. I will support everything he does, and Vice versa, but for me, I feel that the world sticks with me always Romeo or Bow. Or, I can go out with other people, or do you want me around? ”

While Yes, involved as star and producer, Bow Wow, he recently announced on social networks that he will not return to the program. In the history of Instagram in March, made it clear that not only made clear that he will not return to the program, and Simmons also encouraged to do the same. “We spend on things more and better. @AngelaSimmons to do something unthinkable,” he said.

It shows if he returns to the series that produces

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Bow Wow revealed that, despite what he said, not leaving Growing up Hip-Hop.

“Well, I EP [executive producer]I will always be a part of it. I’ll always be a part of it,” he said. And although he’s not confirmed for sure if more will be in front of the camera and on stage, the rapper and the beginning of reality, noted that he will not refuse from the network, saying “no” WE tv “in the near future.

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He explained: “For me, this situation is different from me because I am involved in behind the screen, because it doesn’t have to be in front of him.” I can always be with him, and to Express my points for different things. I love to create in any case. But my future IN-TV-safe. I don’t want In TV. Things or sad things happen all the time. In this business, one frustrating a little here and there.”

Unlike many of his colleagues of the distribution, as Miller, Master P and Egypt criss, Bow Wow says he is in a good place with the network. Explained how thankful he is for a relationship with them. “For me it’s not marriage that if I wanted to go outside, I don’t think they’ll let me walk out the door all the same.” I’m happy here,” he said. “This is the first network in the city, and this title, the Executive producer and I in the free form. I could never turn my back To the TV, because, as I said, he threw the dice, and they played with us, and I am grateful for that.”