Cardi B speaks that he is lying, and assured that he would return in RD with transmission of coronavirus

KARDi’d like to forget all disagreements and disputes in which he was wrapped in recent weeks on the Dominican-Haiti, especially with the Exponential urban Aliany Garcia. Now the famous rapper refused to testify and argues that Yes, back in the Dominican Republic.

“I said I was not going back to RD! I lied, I’ll come back when you’re finished coronavirus“- wrote the artist in the history of Instagram video, where he appears during the Dance merengue in mambero omega.

It should be recalled that a few days ago, winner “Grammy” posted a photo flag of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, along with the slogan “unity is what I know and what I am.”

Since then, the critics are forced to stop and Offset the wife had to go out multiple times to defend himself, and even said that will not return, will not say more of the Dominican Republic.

Among those who then came to him KARDi was Aliany, which since then I have not missed an opportunity to criticize nominated for a Grammy Latino.

I’m not going back to speak of the Dominican Republic, will never come back to talk about the Dominican Republic. I always feel that represents the Dominican Republic because I love the people in the Dominican Republic, I love being a Republic. The fire of my heart, how I act, because sometimes we but I am not going to the Dominican Republic, “said KARDi when they were used to “live” night.

In rapper of the origin of the Dominican Republic, said that misunderstood the message that would send, “they did the version and said, ‘KARDi wants to unite two countries”, but when I said that? You guys are crazy. You’re stupid. I put this photo because it is a symbol of peace, it is no secret that Haiti and the Dominican Republic don’t get along and of course I know the story, I know my history. But it is a symbol of the world,” he said.