Cynthia Rodriguez was inspired by Kim Kardashian and stubborn new style “wet”


Cynthia Rodriguez was inspired by Kim Kardashian, and take the network to the new style wet since ceased to see in recent times, has caused a wave halados for her great sense fashion and its versatility.

And that Cynthia Rodriguez managed to establish itself as an icon of her stylebecause even when there without makeup to do some exercises, inspiring with humor and effort.

Much has been said about Cynthia Rodriguez and his relationship with Carlos Rivera, but, in addition, it sought to act as a singer, actress and now TV presenter and model.

Earlier, as we have seen, andn suits gala in the style of Jennifer Lopezbut now confirms that she and her team of stylists, create harmony, which is the last cry fashion and for us the journey back to the nineties, this style is very stylized, which is known as Kim Kardashian brought elegance.

Cynthia Rodriguez, like Kim Kardashian, fashion and hair “wet”

After appeared in “Will Joy” with a blue dress and a handsome man, in addition, flawless makeup, Cynthia Rodriguez surprised me the other style, two-piece suit, and a black top that leaves the stomach found red lips, and hair freely, but the style is “wet” or ” wet-on-wet, as catalogued experts fashion.

Kim Kardashian wore a style reminiscent of the waves of light alloy cover Vogue last year, in the same style that believes that Met Gala. Since then, that hairstyle has become one of the most elegant and unique fashion.

Now Cynthia Rodriguez this port and unleash a wave of flattery and in your Instagramsince his supporters love style in addition, regardless of elegant Lucia was just really, jewelry is the ultimate balance of color, shape and so stressed the beauty Cynthia.

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