Eiza gonzález and when in Hollywood


Many Actresses of Mexico decided to leave Mexico to live in the US and to start a career in Hollywoodamong them Salma Hayek and Eiza Gonzálezthat was recorded kissing actor Timothée Chalamet. Without a doubt, Eiza was able to break into the world of work in the United StatesMexican gradually increases his career.

For many years, Eiza Gonzalez participated in various movies that had a great response from the community, we should not forget that he has worked with actors like Ansel Elgort, VIN Diesel, among many others. In addition, it was also an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his show.

And, to remind yourself a bit about the actress’s career in Hollywood, and then we do an overview of some of sometimes Eiza Gonzalez destroyed in this entertainment industry.

Baby Driver

One of the first movies that catapultaron in Eiza Gonzalez on the road to Hollywood was Baby Driverstarring: Ansel Elgort and Lily James. Here Eiza Gonzalez gave birth to Monica Castello, thanks to this product, Eiza performed in case of need.

“It was surprising that I read the script and said that he was special, unique. This Thriller, and the novel is a Thriller I’ve never seen, and I would like to be part of it,” – said in an interview with Eiza Ventaneando held at the premiere Baby Driver in London.

Twilight at dawn

Although the work Eiza is emphasized in the novel and in the film, in 2014, the actress did not miss the opportunity to take part in a series of Netflix Twilight at dawn Mexican where I took sexual marshes.

It should be noted that the series is an adaptation of the film Quentin Tarantino in which Salma Hayek took part your character played by Eiza gonzález in the series.

Introduced categories for an Oscar

“Oscar” is one of the awards, more importantly, many activists participated, either as nominees and presenters. In 2018, Eiza gonzález appeared on stage alongside Ansel Elgort, both sides presented the categories of Best Sound editing and mixing Sound.

And the last of awarding the Prize ” Oscar, though not attended the ceremony, was invited to after party journal Vanity Fair where he sighs, and noticed his look.


One of the last films in which he participated Eiza Gonzalez was in Bloodshoot next to VIN Diesel one who will not hesitate to flatter the work Bay, when they were delivered about him in the Premier production.

“It was wonderful working with him, I will always remember how it started on the first day, it was always, we’re going to do it,” said the actor.

On the other hand, Eiza Gonzales said that, despite the fact that I had the opportunity to work in different Hollywood productions persons recognized keeps feet on the floor.

“I think it is important to not creérsela too much, but also know when to say that I am proud of the effort, or what you did to get where you are. Thank you for the love that I give in my country, and I’m very proud to be Mexican,” commented Eiza.

An interview with Jimmy Kimmel

In the United States are different late night shows where various famous guests used to talk about his new projects. In March of this year Eiza Gonzalez took part in the program Jimmy Kimmel Live which talked about the relationship with her mother, her taste for football as its participation in the film Angry.




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