Eiza González apologize for the fact that he painted his face black and puberty

Show business

This week, Eiza González drew owners for two reasons, very different. First there were some pictures where he sees the relationship, very pretty, with a famous actor Timothée Chalamet, which, as it seems to have started an affair.

The second related to his past professional and threatens to become a nightmare for her after he released the old episode of youth telenovela ‘Lola, a long time ago”, which I’m still a teenager, in which appears the face painted black.

Actress Mexico was not slow in response to the criticism that the rain in social networks, to say that he feels very bad in this moment, in particular, their career and to apologize, but he wanted to put in place the filming of the sequence in question.

“As a translator 15 years, not only to his first role, my negotiations were non-existent, and insisted that it did. In this situation, I was not able to defend themselves. Sorry I didn’t say it then with the same knowledge and the same platform to force myself to hear what I have right now,” he assured in a press release in which it insists that it never voluntarily a part of the phenomenon known as “nigger” in Hollywood that happened in those years when film studies have used white actors to interpret the characters of African Americans and they were characterized with the help of makeup.

Eiza also I would like to clarify under what circumstances decided that the costume geisha during his stay in Japan, which also were leaked now a few photos to see what the owner asked him to do “cultural exchange” and helped him to dress in the traditional kimono.

“Interpreted as a sign of appreciation and respect for their culture, but even so, I understand that without context [estas imágenes] give reason for discussion on the purpose of modern culture,” he said.

To close the message, the artist said that as a woman, and a Mexican immigrant who understands that you feel when confronted daily with racism and ignorance, both on the ground, both personal and professional: “will Never participate in the project, knowing that it may harm or disturb another person,” he promised.