Emotions will Smith, Recalling the birth of his first child

Happiness is never complete, no smile accompanying public figures without small or large dramas in his personal life. During the episode father’s day Will Smith he was one of the heroes of the program Network Table Talkthat leads to his current wife, jada Pinkett Smith, to Facebook Watch. The couple has two children, Jaden, 21 years old, and willow, 19, but the actor is the father and the other boy, the fruit of his first marriage to actress Sheree Fletcher, what is called Trey and 27 years.

During the program, hero I am legendthat is 51 years, recalled with absolute sincerity when he became a father for the first time is not much, after married at the age of 24 years. “I brought home, put to bed and I felt absolute terror”recalled Smith in a conversation. “I thought I was fully responsible for that life. I had to go look and make sure everything is in order. I cried a lot, actually, now I’m crying,” she said, as tears slid down her cheeks. Memories were agolpar from the actor, who admitted that he thought, “I can’t do that. I’m not that person. I just knew, knew nothing” he said while wiping his tears when his wife asked him, because of his sorrow.

Smith decided to open fully, and he continued: “I was amazed at how fragile the education of children. I thought the lessons they instilled in me and believed that it was not possible to do it that I’m not so good.” In the talk afloró what it means for the actor’s divorce from his first wife when my son was two years“The divorce was a failure more important for me,” he said. “I lastimaron lot in life, but I don’t think I changed nothing, as divorciarme the mother of my son two years. I am separated, and I found that if the person is not a great man, lose their parental rights”.

“I’m a much better father than husband,” he added. “But in this process, you begin to fight for their rights and the sun inside.” Smith admits that he promised himself that her children will never see any violence towards his mother, and this angered his eldest son: “I Think that my wish that my son didn’t see me so I did not miss, as the father. I wanted to create enough distance. Despite all of this, not fighting, no discussion”.

The relations of will Smith with his son, Trey, is good, but the actor admitted that in 2018 which was faced for many years. “It wasn’t always between Trey and I,” he confessed to publishing the video in Instagram, which was distributed images of the father and the son, together and smiling. “For many years, after his divorce from her mother we are fighting among us. He felt betrayed and abandoned. It’s a blessing, to restore the relationship of love with my beautiful child,” he said then. In this video, Smith explained that he and his son Trey in Abu Dhabi to see the race “Formula 1”: “as a Rule, I do activities separately with my kids so they could enjoy along with his father separately. My son told me, ‘you Know what, dad? I understand that you’re not just my father. I’m sure you’re my best friend“- recalled the actor excited.

Trey Smith is more known that they are half-brothers and sisters, Jaden and willow, standing in the Wake of his father’s glory, their own projects, but not enough to not have more than 770.000 followers on Instagram to pay attention to their publications, including many warm wishes to all members of the current family of the father. Share your photos with jada Pinkett Smith, with the help of his brothers and father, as well as images that reflect your personal tastes, sports and music. Trey, although he did some work as an actor, more focused on his work as a DJ and producer of electronic music, and played for the Junior Varsity of the United States. The family now fully supports good relations, and even two women who have been through the life of will Smith’s messages to the public, gratitude, mutual for what he a sense of community between them.