In selfie is the daughter of Eminem, which is surprising, so much that it seems that his famous father


Hailie Jade Mathersdaughter of Eminem, this is beautiful
the girl who despuntando as an expert in Instagram. Famous rapper
managed to Park outside your success your daughter may be stupid in itself
and it became clear that he managed, which has received almost two million

And the last photo published, clear
great, it seemed that the young man holding his father. And they have almost the same
the face, though the features Haillie they are more sweet and soft. “I tried more than I wish to admit to get
photo “Golden hour “now”
wrote Haillie has a beautiful figure
that Golden sunlight falls on his precious face.

Immediately, the rapper expressed how much it means to your daughter for him, and that helped to Express some of their topics, the most famous, and also to overcome serious problems in the past. Hailie is, without a doubt, her may support.



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