In the jungle Anllela Sagra page infartante

For its part, his fans are said incredible individual who has sent messages of surprise: “it’s amazing that someone can have this body”, “What a beautiful, really sees you, “very good”, “I Want to do physical activity, and seeing me less beautiful than you”, “figure perfectly. You’re so beautiful dear”, we wrote about a his followers.

Recall that in 2014, Anllela Sagra abandoned modeling career and decided to devote his life to fitness. Since that time, has become a real “boom” in social networks with their problems, viruses, in addition, your photos uploaded tones. So, even one of the players known in the world, James Rodriguez, said that he is deeply in love with her.

Although the room didn’t want to touch this topic, recently it became known that the athlete was constant, but she wouldn’t, no. Because of this, long been rumors about such a possible connection between them has ended up scattered over months because they didn’t succeed, nothing to do.

However, this is not the only proposals that a specialist has its fans. It is known that the most desirable and for the same reason that she looks with each of the photos they want to share in your Instagram account. There is no doubt what is happening to him.