Instagram: Natti Natasha shows how it would look if people In the result

Every day there are new issues and trends in social networks, which are famous will be able to make us laugh for a few minutes in the middle of our days. The latest fashion in Instagram, not new, but it’s just as fun as always. It is an application that changes the image and transforms its hero into the floor on the opposite. Thus, we see how Natti Natasha on the person.

This “sex change” was already widely used in the past year with Snapchat filter that I wore a beard, and light hair, as you chose. This is a new app called FaceApp much more advanced and uses photography to turn himself in full. There are many stars who are testing and so much surprised, a great result.

Natti Natasha shared a photo on the occasion of Father’s Day, which is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in USA. The artist always appears a smile on the social networks, although their light pictures will cause them past. With this change, amused, and many of his supporters. “We know, Natalia, flow Papichulo!”I already wrote in the publication very satisfied with the final result: “No bride, 10”.

The singer of “Without a stitch” was not only to share my sex change. We also saw Kiko Rivera to restore its lost the beard and pose with gorgeous makeup, no beard, light hair, divine. The result, which is loved by all his followers.

Another artist who tried very successfully, was Paco león. With one expected reminds his sister Marie Leon, the actor and Director shared his portrait of a very young hair with the help of gathered that attacked. He went further and also used the apps in question to look like could be more common and important thought: “Say that you have to look at the world you will be installing to your face that your habits changing your skin to Age with class and dignity is what we all want to see these photos give me hope.”