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Natti Natasha surprised everyone, saying what you think about the famous and controversial Cardi B, C, which also hopes that the cooperation very quickly.

“She’s so cool, so cute, his personality… like I’m with her. I know that when this song will be there, right, God ahead, it will happen”– he assured.

The singer also called the release of the song “hurt it” in the midst of quarantine and took the opportunity to thank you for the support of their fans.

“I thank God and the fans to release this temita during all of this, what happens is that we know it is not easy for everyone to have the opportunity to work now” she said.

Why is it so important for her empowerment of women, Natti Natasha answered: “Because I’m a woman, and when my experiments, in every song I can to put the contribution that I felt that women want to talk, always will.”

As you know, the rumors of a possible collaboration between Natti Natasha and Cardi B appeared a few weeks ago, after singer city to share a video in which his colleague, an American sang their song “I like”.

Translator “the best version of me” mentioned in the publication what to do in Instagram for the rapper, and in the comments she replied: “Haaaannnn. You are such a beautiful and humble. I love music. Still!”.


Andrew, Visa appears and is, who he is accused of sexual harassment

Andrew, Visa appears and is, who he is accused of sexual harassment