Norma Palafox corresponds to video Lark gonzález with photos heart attack


Social networking seems to have created competition among the players, Chivas and America

Passion Football

Instagram and Tik Tok was the place of the duel in popularity among Norma Palafox and Lark Gonzalezthat just yesterday, at the end, as a new competence sonorense.

Comparison between them occur due to a series of eagles published a film similar to that Norma Palafox posted a week ago with Twerkin.

After the last dance Lark arrasara in the network, a response from The norm not long to wait and, probably, remember his picture from some photos, after a workout, that does to stay in shape.

“A lot more step by step that neither we in a hurry” were the words interesting from the Herd, to accompany a series of photographs of the same that got all sorts of recognition among its fans.