Returns the lead who a few hackers stole photos and videos, sex

Serie A will adopt at the end of this week, and turnover Calcium also back on the small screen Diletta Leotta, leading to the most famous in Italy. Sports journalist, currently working in DAZN, all claims in the country trasalpino. Almost seven million followers on Instagramand, as a rule, in the role of cover for the stars and a digital heart.

Diletta Leotta for several years in the spotlight, but there was one episode, from which he graduated catapultarla to glory. Of course, she doesn’t remember it, with good taste, because it has to be confusing, when a few hackers stole photos and erotic videos mobile phone and published online.

Hackers was trespassing on his phone and collected the data needed to shed light on video sex with his partner, which was in the house-the kitchen, which holds its games, downloaded ringtones with cream, etc. currently not found responsible for this illegal act and the films and photos were viralizaron so that still can be found in the network.

However, Diletta Leotta was able to overcome it and remains complaint in Italy. Each publication that goes to his almost seven million followers on Instagram success and also showed the identity, for example, to deal with the image of the ultras in Naples that he was asked at the time of the match, which was taught to her Breasts. Now back to the small screen with ” the return of Serie A.